'21 Season E1P Review: Jordan Poole and Kevon Looney

The breakout bench player and the fragile rock

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To get us in the mood for next season, I’m going to run some Explain One Play highlights of 2020-21. Many of these previously were subs-only articles, but are now free as a present to our faithful off-season readers.

Explain One Play: Kevon Looney flattens the Bulls with huge screens

Kevon Looney showed his championship composure with big play after big play down the stretch, springing Stephen Curry open with huge screens, tying the game with hustle and freeing Damion Lee for the game winning shot. From the 2020.12.27 GSW-CHI game.

Explain One Play - Jordan Poole and the Pre-Bubble Bench Growing Pains

Here is a live reaction video to the second quarter of the DET-GSW game on 2021.01.30.

This one focuses on some of the hiccups the Bench Squad experiences as they try to feed Eric Paschall, the small ball center from 2525 (or is it 2015?); Brad Wanamaker, the elder statesman who looks not a day older than 45; and Jordan Poole, the plucky sophomore who forgot how to shoot, remembered, and then poured in points before Kerr sent him to the G-League Bubble.

Explain One Play - Jordan Poole Runs An Old Mark Jackson Play, HORNS Flex

With Steph and everyone tall out, the Warriors have talked about simplifying their offense and this is an interesting example of that. I wanted to dig into this one play that they've ran for Jordan Poole. It's actually a simple play. But it has a bit of history to it. Back in the Mark Jackson days, he got criticism for his simple playbook. But there WAS a playbook and he liked to run the flex action out of a Horns formation. Walk down memory lane to see HORNS Flex as run by Stephen Curry, Jarrett Jack, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes and finally Jordan Poole in the 2021.03.19 MEM-GSW game.

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