(21-20) Warriors take care of business, beat Rockets; Steph bruises tailbone

Puppies get first positive +/-.

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • Thank god, the Puppies are playing against a low-end bench, not three top veteran benches ready to whoop their puppy butts. And a team that won’t mind losing.

  • I didn’t say Puppies would WIN, it’s just now possible to tell something about them. Only so much you can tell when you’re getting you butt kicked all over the western conference

  • They recovered well, but hard to ignore them getting vaporized in the beginnings of those quarters


  • I like how Steph’s pass led Poole to the open spot on the wing

  • The Law of the Warriors Jungle is when a role player makes a couple of baskets, force feed them until we all puke. Steph is the High Priest of that law

  • I know there were reasons and maybe it was blocked...? but I think that Dray air ball was the airiest air ball I’ve ever seen

  • Okay, I’m very satisfied with that half. I know HOU is injured and not good, but so is GSW, and I don’t take anything for granted on the road. Every road win is a good one, so please dear Dubs stop f’ing around with the ball kthx

  • Up until now GSW had the vital role of delegitimizing HOU’s bullsh*t basketball

  • Nico attacked that 2-3 zone beautifully. A little drive, dish to Loon cutting straight down the middle

  • I will pay good money to avoid seeing pictures [of Goofus’s bruised tailbone]

  • They showed a replay of Steph landing on the metal step… hope he’s okay.