(19-16) Post-game memory wipe: the Zen of Basketball

Suffering comes from attachment to wins and ignorance of the true nature of the league


Two monks were arguing about a charge/block call.

One said, “The ball handler was moving.”

The other said, “The defender was moving."

They argued back and forth and the video replay was inconclusive.

Hui-neng, the sixth patriarch, said, “It is not the ball handler that moves. It is not the defender that moves. It is your mind that moves.”

The two monks were struck with awe.


What is the Warriors original playbook, before the team was formed?


If you meet the Buddha in the lane, flagrantly foul the Buddha.


Zen is a man hanging from the rafters at Chase Center. He is holding on with his teeth. His hands are weighed down with free T-shirts. His feet can find no step. From center court, a man shouts at him: “Why hasn’t Stephen Curry ever carried his own team without four all-stars?” If he fails to answer, he is lost. If he answers, he dies. What must he do?


A monk asked Ummon: “What is Buddha?” Ummon answered him: “This trash game, Warriors at Lakers, on 2021.02.28.”